AARON & VINIQUE / Belair Country House

Introducing Mr & Mrs Heroldt. So much happiness in one day.

People keep asking me where this wedding was held because it was done oh-so-beautifully. Belair Country House is such winner and the perfect spot for these two to celebrate day 1 of married life.

I loved all the small details Aaron & Vinique came up with, like naming each table after places they’ve lived in or have a big chunk of their heart… Like Thailand where they’ve just moved to (casual).¬†These two even planned their wedding from abroad – mad skills. If fact, Vinique unknowingly carried her own wedding ring to America leading up to their engagement.

Aaron & Vinique, I loved getting to play a part in your special day and I hope that these pictures will help you remember each tiny detail that made it as special as it was.

PS Also Vinique if your dress goes missing it’s because I stole it *heart eyes*

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