BRYAN & LINDSAY / AirBnB Garden Wedding

When your wedding party is 7 people in total it means you can do things a tad more spontaneously – like change your wedding venue on the day. YUP. Bryan and Lindsay came all the way from America to tie the knot here in Constantia, Cape Town and when they arrived they felt that the garden of their Air BnB was the perfect place to exchange vows. And it was.

Even the smallest details were thought of by these two – the wine glasses were handpicked to represent them both, the blending of two wines, the candles lit in the name of social justice. Every tiny detail of this day was intentional, putting in so much heart into one day.

Bryan and Lindsay, your commitment to one another and the way that you love is so inspiring. I love how you kept the main thing the main thing and let your day be one giant an adventure. How lucky am I to have gotten the chance to play a small part in it x

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