Matthew and Laken, I’d third wheel you guys with my camera any day.

Thanks for being such troopers on the windiest day in all of Cape Town¬†history, ha. It’s impossible to be around you two and not have fun. You guys are made of sunshine, I’m convinced and you are the most perfect of perfect matches.

(and also thank you for climbing onto dodgy rooftops all in the name of a great photo-op, it’s probably considered trespassing but HEY we got it)

See you on the wedding day, eeee! xmatthewlaken_0001 matthewlaken_0002 matthewlaken_0003 matthewlaken_0004 matthewlaken_0008 matthewlaken_0009 matthewlaken_0028matthewlaken_0010 matthewlaken_0016matthewlaken_0017matthewlaken_0012 matthewlaken_0013 matthewlaken_0014 matthewlaken_0015matthewlaken_0005matthewlaken_0006 matthewlaken_0018 matthewlaken_0027 matthewlaken_0021 matthewlaken_0022 matthewlaken_0023 matthewlaken_0025 matthewlaken_0029matthewlaken_0026 matthewlaken_0020