Oh yes, OH YES. I’m excited excited about this little space. It might not seem like anything special but it’s all mine and I’m loving editing marathons in this joint. Putting it all together and hunting high and low for furniture was fun. And a little traumatising. Furniture can be overwhelmingly expensive but I found some amazing places which felt like loopholes into a parallel universe where affordable and beautiful pieces do exist.

First up, Superbalist. OBSESSED with them. Like proper obsessed, I’m on that site 24/7. I managed to get my rug (on special and everything) and lamp from them and some nifty little things like small mirrors.

And then good old Coricroft – I found my couch with them but because I like things my way or the high way I had it covered in grey material. I didn’t mind splurging on a decent couch because nap time is important to me.

Eleven Past – You can check these guys out at the Woodstock exchange. I got my coffee table from them (and a lot of other stuff for some other spaces). So many beautiful things!


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