NICK & MARLENE / Val de Vie

Posted on July 19, 2016 Under Weddings 1 Comment

I’ll always remember this wedding for the most epic dance battle my eyes have ever seen. Nick & Marlene know how to celebrate that’s for sure.

More than that, this wedding filled my heart to the brim because of the hearts that these two have. This day wasn’t about the wedding. It wasn’t about the frills or a 15 person bridal party or a wedding cake that left them bankrupt or butterflies being released in to the sky as they said their ‘I do’s’. The day was 100% about the start of this marriage and giving God the glory for it.

As I walked away from documenting this day (and I’m sorry for how cheesy this might sound, but it’s the truth ) I couldn’t stop thinking that somedays, this job is hard. Really hard. But somedays- like this day – I can only think how ridiculously blessed I am to be doing this. I don’t know how it happened but I’m grateful. Documenting the happiest moments of people lives is not something I take for granted.

So here you go: Nick & Marlene’s day filled with of the love it could’ve possibly held.

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