Ask any photographer and they’ll admit to the same thing – we spend all of our time documenting the lives of others, but never our own.

I started playing around with photography because of an obsession of documenting everything that went on in my life – the people that filled it up, their stories, each and every celebration. I’ve kept journals ever since I learned how to write… I’ve taken pictures ever since I stole my dad’s camera back in the 90s… Most of our home videos were (poorly) shot by my seven-year-old self. I have no idea why documenting things has always been so important to me, but it’s the way I’m wired. It feels like every year that goes by the amount of photos I take of my own life dwindles, so I’m making a conscious effort to fix that. I’m trying to take my camera along on more adventures, I’m promising to take more photos of the people that matter to me (whether they like it or not) and I’m trying to celebrate the ordinary moments of my life as much as I can. Life gets busy and we forget to do this so often.

So I’m encouraging all creatives out there – don’t get so caught up in creating for others that you forget to create for yourself.

So here are a few photos of some recent outings. Hopefully I’ll do this once a month. (And ambitious statement, seeing as how I’m the queen of not-posting things. Blogging. Urg. It kills me sometimes.) If you spot a coffee shop you like, click on the pic and it’ll lead straight to their website so that you can visit them too.

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